Top Five Benefits of Effective Communication in the Workplace

by guestcontributor on August 21, 2012

Communication is central to all aspects of life. It’s a critical skill for maintaining your personal as well as professional relationships. With the encroaching social isolationism of the digital age, it’s more important than ever for businesses to actively promote and foster healthy communication in the workplace.

The Internet has changed the way we interact as a species. As a direct result of this transition, more and more graduates are entering the workforce with malformed sets of social skills. Like it or not, it’s your job to teach the skills that people used to learn in school. Helping promote open and honest communication within your workforce will create a rock solid foundation for all of your company’s operations.

If your business is mired in the “dark ages” of workforce management, it may be time for a human relations facelift. Get rid of the rigid hierarchies and closed-door policies. Take steps towards creating an environment that’s actually conducive to openness and honesty. If you begin to create a workspace brimming with healthy interpersonal relationships, you’re likely to see many if not all of these five incredible benefits.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could actually trust all of your employees? If you knew for a fact that no one was wasting company time on recreational websites or calling in sick without actually being sick? If you begin to roll back archaic closed-door policies, take down web blockers and encourage your employees to communicate honestly without fear of repercussions, that ideal could be your reality. When you treat your employees with honesty and respect, it comes back at you ten fold. Employees don’t lie or steal company time when they feel respected. Open communication is the best way to create that respect.


As your employees begin to open up to you and each other, you’ll notice a greater degree of cooperation among the force. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere, you’ll help your most competent employees innovate at a rapid pace. Synergy is a real thing. If all of your human assets aren’t communicating with each other in an effective way then you aren’t getting as much from those assets as you could be.

Team Building

You can transition your company culture from one of cooperation to one of collaboration. Communication is the key to making a workforce operate like a team. If your employees feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves, they’ll put in more effort while they’re on the clock. You’ll also discover that others will start filling holes in your workforce voluntarily just to keep things running smoothly. A payroll works for money, but a team works for success.

Faster Project Completion

This is a direct result from the creation of a team environment. Teams accomplish tasks and projects faster because the more competent members seamlessly pick up the slack for the members that are having a hard time. It’s like clockwork.

Increased Revenue

All four of the previously mentioned benefits culminate in stronger production, which generates more revenue and greater business success. Communication is the one intangible attribute guaranteed to make your company more successful. Take things up a notch with high degree mass communication improvements today.

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